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Decantabat populus (Giovanni Matteo Asola)

A polyphonic motet over the text "The people sang praise, halleluja, and the whole multitude sang duly. And David stroke the harp together with the singers and sang praises to the lord. Halleluja." I were glad about hints concerning source and/or liturgical use of this text.

This edition is based on a facsimile copy of the original partbooks. I have transposed the piece up to make all tessiturae comfortable for a modern mixed choir. When transposed down, the piece also works very well with ATB.


PDF File (5 A4 pages, 92kB) with editorial notes in English

Other editions of the same work

A complete facsimile reprint of the "Misae duo decemque sacrae laudes tribus vocibus concinendae" (R. Amadinus, Venedig, 1588) is available at a low price from Dr. Bernd Christoph Becker, Cologne. This volume contains two three part masses and ten three part motets.