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The second Booke of Ayres (Selection) (Thomas Campion)

Campion's second book of lute songs was published together with his first book. The print is undated, but according to the Brockhaus-Riemann-Musiklexikon it appeared around 1613. The first book contains twenty "divine and morall songs" in four and three parts; the second book contains twenty secular three part songs. All songs have a lute part for renaissance lute in G that can optionally replace the lower vocal parts.

The present edition of selected two songs is based on a facsimile reprint of the historic print. A peculiarity of the original print is that all parts are printed together on the same page in different orientations. Thus the print can be laid flat on a table with each singer sitting at one side.


No. 4 "O what unhop't" (two A4 pages, 32kB)
No. 11 "Sweet exclude me not" (two A4 pages, 36kB)

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A complete facsimile of both "The First and Second Book of Ayres" by Thomas Campion is available from Broude Brothers, New York.