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German Magnificat (Christoph Dalitz, 2007)

A setting in a style reminiscent of Heinrich Schütz. The basso continuo accompaniment is obligatory and should not be ommitted. I would suggest to use only an organ without a doubling bass instrument because the bass part often runs parallel with the bass voice.

I had already written a first version of this piece 1989, but had used at that time the text of the so called "Einheitsübersetzung" which may not be freely distributed. Hence I have now rewritten the piece on the basis of Allioli's translation (early 19th century) and have also taken the opportunity to improve the piece considerably.


PDF file (9 A4 pages, 168kB) with preface in German.

This edition only contains a figured bass line. A written out organ accompaniment is available from all-sheetmusic.de.