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Three Songs on Poems by Geibel (Christoph Dalitz, 2010)

Emanuel Geibel was the most popular German lyricist in the 19th century. His formally perfect, pathetic and sentimental poems have been set to music by many of his contemporaries (e.g. Brahms, Schumann, Mendelssohn).

Even I could not resist to set some of his poems to music in a romantic sentimental style. When the pieces are sung with the appropriate attitude and singing style (portamento, tempo rubato and dynamics), they are a real fun to sing!


  1. Ach wie wär es nicht zu tragen.
    Equally kitschy and beautiful.
  2. Ehespruch.
    A nice serenade for wedding anniversaries.
  3. Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden.
    One of the best known poems by Geibel. It was also set by Mendelssohn as a solo song with piano accompaniment. My setting is unrelated to Mendelssohn's.


Nr. 3 (Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden) (PDF file, two A4 pages, 40kB)

The complete edition of all pieces is available for mixed choir directly by email from me, and for men's choir from Notendownload. Additionally, both editions contain an extended Version of "Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden" with a special setting for the second stanza.