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St. John Passion (Christoph Dalitz, 2021)

A setting in a style reminiscent of Heinrich Schütz. Originally written on basis of the German text, I have rewritten the piece in 2021 to fit an English bible translation. I have used the Douay-Rheims Bible from 1899, because it is in the public domain, is very close to the "standard" English bible tranlation ("King James Version"), but uses a more modern vocabulary and is thus more comprehensive. You can compare this translation side-by-side with other bible tranlsations on biblegateway.com.

As the setting is simple, yet interesting, and poses especially no problems to the solo parts, this piece can be sung by small choirs with the soliloquists taken from the choir. For choirs that cannot sing the entire passion, I have also prepared an edition with only inroit and conclusion, with both an international edition in Latin and a localized version for English speaking countries.