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Magnificat peregrini toni (Christoph Dalitz, 2020)

A simple falsobordone setting over the "tonus peregrinus". A characteristic of the "tonus peregrinus" is a changing recitation tone between the first and second part. I have used an unusual harmony for the "strange" tone to emphasize its strangeness.

The English editions also include a Nunc dimittis to make the setting suitable for use in an Anglican Evensong.

The "Antiphonale Monasticum" from 2005 does not list the Tonus Peregrinus among the Magnificat tones, but lists it on p. 517 as a psalm tone. The catholic hymn book "Gotteslob" from 1975, in contrast, gives it as the 9th tone for the German Magnificat (no. 689). Both version differ, however, with respect to initium, mediatio and finalis. My version is based on the "Gotteslob" apart form the mediatio, for which I have used the version of the "Antiphonale Monasticum".

Tonus peregrinus

The piece can be sung with mixed or with equal voices. All editions include an optional organ accompaniment for the polyphonic verses.