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Ubi caritas (Christoph Dalitz, 2014)

This antiphonal chant stems from the liturgy of Maundy Thursday, where it is used nowadays as an offertorium, but it is suitable at other occasions as well. The Liber Usualis (Paris/Tournai, 1896ff) uses the text "Ubi cariatas et amor", while the Graduale Triplex (Solesmes, 1979) uses "Ubi caritas est vera". As the new official catholic German songbook Gotteslob (2013) prints the antiphon with the text "et amor", I have used this version.

To the Gregorian melody, I have added renaissance polyphony which I have applied to the last verse of each stanza only. As all stanzas are set identically, the piece can be quickly learnt.


For a German translation and explanation, see the German version of this website.