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Kurtzweilige Teutsche Lieder (Selection) (Jacob Regnart)

Apparently, Jacob Regnart's "Kurtzweilige Teutsche Lieder zu dreyen Stimmen nach Art der Neapolitanen oder Welschen Villanellen" have been very popular, as can be concluded from the many reeditions that appeared until 1611.

While the music shows the typical primitivity of the Villanella style, the texts are of astonishing quality when compared to other contemporary German lyrics. This makes the songs fun to sing, even nowadays.

The present small selection is based on the now historic reedition by Robert Eitner from 1895, of which an extant copy is kept in the Stadtbibliothek Bielefeld (Mus X 2).


No. 3 "Nun bin ich einmal frey" (one A4 page, 28kB)
No. 17 "Wer sich mit Liebessucht empfind besessen" (one A4 page, 21kB)
No. 31 "Ach Gott wie soll ich singen" (one A4 page, 24kB)