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Sonata for two Alto Recorders and B.c. (Dario Castello, 1612)

The "Sonata Terza A Doi Soprani" from the first book of "Sonate in stil moderno". While the original sonata was written in A and with two violins or cornetti in mind, it is nowadays often played on shrill soprano recorders. In our trio, we have found that this sonata can be played with much better effect on two alto recorders. To adapt the music for alto recorders, I have transposed the canti parts a fourth up and the basso part mostly a fifth down so that it remains in the convenient region of the chitarrone.


Sonata terza del Libro Primo (eight A4 page, 208kB)

Other editions of the same work

This edition is based on Adrea Friggi's Urtext edition available from the Werner Icking Music Archive. I am grateful to Andrea for the kind permission to use this edition as the basis for my arrangement.