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Sonata for two Alto Recorders and B.c. (Daniel Purcell, undated)

A trio sonata by a Daniel Purcel, a relative of the better known Henry Purcell. Whilst most trio sonatas were written for two violins and B.c., this sonata stems from a collection that lists recorders as the original instrumentation: Six Sonatas. three For two Flutes & a Bass, and three Solos for a Flute and a Bass. Composed by M. Dan. Purcell" (J. Walsh & J. Hare, London, undated).


Sonata II in G-Minor (six A4 pages, 315kB)

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A facsimile reprint of the complete collection containing 6 sonatas by Purcell is available from "Performer's Facsimiles" (New York).