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Two Sinfonias and a Galliard (Salomone Rossi, 1607)

Three pieces from Rossi's "Il Primo Libro delle Sinfonie e Gagliarde" that work nicely as a consecutive suite (Sinfonia 11, Sinfonia 2, Gagliarda). On the titlepage of the original print, Rossi suggests as instruments two violins or two cornets and a chittarone. These pieces work however also well on soprano recorders.

The editions are based on scans of the original partbooks, of which an extant copy is now kept in the Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg (Tonk. Schl. 463-467).


Sinfonia undecima a 3 (one A4 page, 28kB)
Sinfonia seconda a 3 (one A4 page, 24kB)
Galliarda a 3. detta la Norsina (one A4 page, 28kB)

I can also provide an edition with an explicit continuo realization for chitarrone/theorbo. Please drop me an email in case of interest.

Other Editions of the same music

Facsimile reprints of the entire book are available from S.P.E.S (Firenze, Italy) or from Dr. Bernd C. Becker (Cologne, Germany). Moreover a PDF file with a facsimile scan can be ordered from the Harald Fischer Verlag (Erlangen, Germany).