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Popular Classical Pieces Arranged for Guitar

In arranging these classical "hits" for guitar, it was not my goal to transcribe every note of the originals. I have rather aimed at comfortably playable versions that sound like native guitar music.

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Badinerie (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Incipit Badinerie (Bach)

The famous final movement (also known as "Badinage") from the B-minor suite (BWV 1067) in an effectful and comfortably playable guitar arrangement. The entire arrangement can be played without a barree stop!

Two menuets for Anna Magdalena Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Incipit Menuett I (Bach)    Incipit Menuett II (Bach)

Two meneuts from "Anna Magdalena Bach's notebook" (BWV Anhang 114 & 115). In the original, these pieces are not directly connected, but it seems to me that they were planned as a twin pair of Menuet and Trio.

For Elise (Ludwig van Beethoven)

Incipit Für Elise (Beethoven)

This is an arrangement of the complete piece, and not only of the Rondo part, as in most other arrangements of this piece on the internet. In my arrangement, even the two Couplets are comfortably playable.

Menuet (Luigi Boccherini)

Incipit Menuet (Boccherini)

The famous menuet from Boccherini's string quintett op. 11 no. 5 (G 275). As the lead voice wanders through the parts, I have extracted the melody from the five parts and have added a guitaristic accompaniment. The entire arrangement can be played without a single barree stop!

Les Baricades Misterieuses (François Couperin)

Incipit Les Baricades Misterieuses (Couperin)

Measured by the number of YouTube videos, this is the most popular harpsichord piece by Couperin. This arrangement for guitar is of only moderate difficulty.

The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)

Incipit The Entertainer (Joplin)

The best known Ragtime. The original is for piano, but it sounds as convincing on the guitar. This arrangement is of moderate difficulty.

Alla Turca (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Incipit Alla Turca (Mozart)

The famous "Turkish March" from Mozart's piano sonata in A Major (KV 331). The arrangement goes upt to the seventh position at some places, but this is made clear in the edition through the combination of music and tablature notation. This arrangement is of slightly more than moderate difficulty, but not too difficult.