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Six Baroque Sonatas for an Archlute or 10c Lute (Christofero Dalitio, 1998)

Despite the popularity of the archlute as a continuo instrument in the Baroque era, very little original solo music from that time has survived. Hence I have written under my italinized name six sonatas in a Baroque style somewhere between Zamboni and Weiss. The sonatas form a tonal cycle and consist of the following movements:

A first edition of these sonatas had been published 1998 by TREE Edition as a facsimile of my handwriting in Italian tablature. In 2013, I have made a second edition with small improvements and in French tablature, which is available form


The complete collection is available from (2013, French tab).

Final movement of Sonata IV from the 2013 edition (one A4 page, 16kB)

Audio sample of the Corrente from Sonata III