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Fugae de "Gradus ad Parnassum" (Johann Joseph Fux, 1725)

Fux' "Gradus ad Parnassum" was in influentual textbook on counterpoint that was studied by generations of composers. Remarkably, Fux did not consider the contemporary (baroque) music, but taught renaissance counterpoint. The fugues in the work are interesting examples of a baroque composer writing renaissance music.

I have made a lute intavolation for the original parts and have added minor embellishments. To make my additions clear, I have included the original pars in the edition.


Fuga a 3. Modi E. (two A4 pages, 36kB)
Fuga a 3. Modi C. (two A4 pages, 32kB)

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A scan of the edition from 1725 is available from IMSLP.