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Twelve Poetic Pieces for Guitar (Christoph Dalitz, 2023)

A collection of pleasing pieces of only moderate difficulty. The edition includes music and tabs. In the different pieces, there is a variety of stylistical influences, e.g. by Fernando Sor, M.C. Linnemann or Napoleon Coste (no. 10).

In the different pieces, there is a variety of stylistical influences. Numbers 2, 11 & 12 sound a little like Fernando Sor, numbers 1 & 8 like M.C. Linnemann, number 3 like Daniel Gottlieb Türk, and number 10 (with a minor section reminiscent of Beethoven's "For Elise") like Napoleon Coste.

The titles are meant as free associations conveying the mood of the pieces:

  1. Elegy (C minor)
  2. Memoro pri l' somero - Memory of the summer (C minor)
  3. Danco en somera pluvo - Dance in the summer rain (C major)
  4. Canzone d'amore - Love song (G minor)
  5. Im Jahrmarkstgewühl - In the crowd on a fair (F major)
  6. Auf dem Karussel - Merry-go-round (F major)
  7. Dialogue (D minor)
  8. A song of Ossian (D major)
  9. Romance (E minor)
  10. Souvenir de Paris (A major)
  11. Forveturo de l' barko - Departure of the barque (B minor)
  12. La barko revenas - The barque returns (B minor)


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