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Overview over the vocal music

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Three part music of moderate difficulty

I have written many of these pieces for small parish choirs with limited forces. These choirs often need music for three parts (with only one male part) that is easy to sing and not too high for the sopranos, yet not trivial and sufficiently interesting to learn.

Even though most polyphonic music before 1500 was written for three parts, the tessiturae of the parts no longer fits for modern parish choirs and this early music is rather complicated. More recent works are in contrast often very trivial and seem to be written under the implicit assumption that three part music is imperfect and not worth much effort.

Thus I have written some sacred music for three parts that is easy to sing, yet not insultingly primitive. In all cases I have tried to make the pieces fun to sing for all voices, not just the soprano, by letting all voices participate in the melodic progress. If this kind of music fits your needs, I would suggest the following pieces for a start:

For a complete list of all three part pieces see the Index by voice number.

Music for ambitious choirs

There are also some pieces of higher difficulty that are more appropriate for accomplished choirs. From my own works, I would recommend