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Overview over the instrumental music

Lute music

As the lute is my primary instrument, I have written over the years a number of new pieces and transcriptions for my lutes (8c Renaissance lute, archlute and theorbo). Apart from a small selection from these works, I also plan to make available transcriptions of pieces that are currently not available as facsimile editions.

Guitar music

Since I have switched from the guitar to the lute, I play my compositions for guitar only occasionally myself. The romantic-sentimental style of these pieces differs considerable from the other pieces on this website. Nevertheless, this style also has its charme and the pieces are fun to play, so noone should feel embarassed to like these pieces. Moreover, I have arranged some popular classical pieces for guitar, e.g. "For Elise" or Boccherini's famous menuet.

Ensemble music

Apart from occasional works for different instruments, you will find here also some music for chamber ensemble. This music has been transcribed from historic editions for my own use as a lute continuo player in a recorder ensemble.

All editions are faithful to the original sources and do not contain an editorial continuo realization, as it is usually found in commercial modern editions. Even though Nigel North observes in his book "Continuo Playing on the Lute, Archlute and Theorbo" that such realizations have the advantage that they provide space for gluing in an empty staff, it seems to me that it is even more practical when no realization is added in the first place.