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Sacred Madrigals (Selection) (Gabriel Möhlich)

Gabriel Möhlich was a pupil of Heinrich Schütz. He published 1619 a set of 4-5 part "Sacred Madrigals", presumably as a completion of his composition studies. These are his own extant compositions.

This edition is based on an extant copy of the 1619 print, now preserved in the Danish National Library under the inventory number Danish collections kat. 17,-111 4º. Many thanks to the library for making this print availabe as an online facsimile.


No. 2 "Herr erhöre mein Wort" (three A4 pages, 76kB)

Nr. 11 "Ich danke dem Herrn" (four A4 pages, 88kB)

Other editions of the same work

A Facsimile of the complete part books from 1619 containing 20 madrigals is accessible online in the Danish Digital Sheet Music Archive.