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Lute Variations on German Traditionals (Christoph Dalitz, 2000/2011)

This is a collection of variations for 6,7 or 8 course Renaissance lute on simple yet lovely old German tunes. The style is reminiscent of late Renaissance masters like Vallet or Dowland. The pieces are arranged in a tonal cycle containing two variations in each key as follows:

A first edition of these pieces has been published 2000 by Antiqua Edition. In 2011, I have revised several pieces; the new edition is available from All lute pieces are printed in french tablature and the edition also includes a short introduction to the original melodies and the meaning of their texts.


Here I make one piece available for download so that you can get an impression of style and difficulty of the music. The entire volume is available from If you have problems obtaining a copy, you can alternatively drop me an email.