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Missa "Salve Regina" (Christoph Dalitz, 2008)

Ambitious mass setting in a 16th century style, which is based on the medieval gregorian chant "Salve Regina". The applied stylistic means might be somewhat subtle for a casual listener, but are certainly of interest for someone acquinted with 16th century music.

Depending on the availabe forces you can sing the pieces with SAT (as written in G or -preferably- a second lower in F), SAB (a third lower in E) or with ATB (a fourth or fifth lower in D or C). To fit the piece for equal voices, a simple transposition is however insufficient. I have therefore additionally made an arrangement of this mass setting for women's choir or for men's choir.


PDF file (18 A4 pages, 260kB) with preface in German and English.
An arrangement of this piece for women's choir or men's choir is available a by email from me.

YouTube video of the Sanctus of this mass setting.

This edition is written in G, even though the piece sounds better in F when sung with SAT. Please drop me an email if you need a transposed edition (also for ATB, e.g.).