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O come, O come, Emmanuel (Chorale setting)

Three part setting for the season of advent with an alternating cantus firmus between soprano and baritone. Note that this is not the well known 15th century melody of the Veni Emanuel but an early romantic melody by Verspoell with sentimental sighing motives.

I have also added an optional embellished version that could be sung e.g. by a smaller ensemble (one or two per part) alternating with the full choir.


PDF File (three A4 pages, 52kB)
An edition with the original German text "O komm, o komm, Emanuel" is also available (three A4 pages, 52kB).

Verspoell's melody works also well with the latin text "Veni Emmanuel", as the brazilian choir of the Alunos do CEMULC demonstrates in this recording: YouTube-Video