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Wir gratulieren Dir (Christoph Dalitz, 2008)

According to Reinhold Steig (Heinrich von Kleist's Berliner Kämpfe. Berlin, Stuttgart, Spemann 1901, pp. 380-394), this epigram appeared anonymously on November 13th 1810 in the "Berliner Abendblatt", which was edited by Heinrich von Kleist. The original text began with "Ich gratuliere, Stax"; Steig conjectures that "Stax" meant no real person.

To support the irony of the text, I have made this setting in the style of the Biedermeier. This edition is for three part men's choir, but the piece can alternatively also be sung with mixed voices. In that case, sopranos and tenors can sing the first voice colla parte, the altos the second voice, and the bass the third voice.


PDF file (one A4 page, 16kB)