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Psalm 24 "alla Corelli" (Johann Helmich Roman)

This psalm setting by Roman is very interesting as it is written in the style of Corelli's "Sonate da chiese a tre". Apparently, it was somewhat popular already during Roman's lifetime: the Roman collection of the Music Library of Sweden alone has five different extant copies of this piece (Ro 74, Ro 77a, Ro 79, Ro 80, Ro 81). Ro 81 carries the year 1756 on its front page.

Among these copies, two are for three voices (STB), two violins and basso continuo (Ro 74, Ro 79), and the other three are for two voices (ST) and basso continuo. This edition follows the latter versions. Apart from a transposition from E minor to D minor, my edition is faithful to Ro 77a.


PDF File with editorial notes in English (five A4 pages, 96kB)


I am grateful to the Music Library of Sweden for making a facsimile of the original copies available in its online collection of Roman autographs. All five copies of this piece can be found by searching over the HRV number under HRV 708. Moreover, I would like to thank Iman de Zwarte for proofreading the Swedish text.